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    Wit & Wisdom in Sync

    Back to school will look different this fall—and Great Minds® teachers will be in sync with classroom teachers to ensure daily learning continues. Our teacher–writers and experts are meeting the challenge of the moment with new curriculum that covers the same rich content as Wit & Wisdom®, redesigned for knowledge building at home. Whether students are out of school for a week or a month, Wit & Wisdom in Sync keeps the learning going without missing a beat. 

    Resource Overview Webinar

    Whether you're just getting started with Wit & Wisdom or interested in learning more about the curriculum resources available, a Resource Overview Session is the place to start. These free webinar sessions show educators what online Wit & Wisdom curriculum resources are available and how to get the most out of your Great Minds account. 

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    Every module, in each grade, focuses on a topic essential for building background knowledge, vocabulary, and writing skills. Whether students are learning about the seasons, the American Revolution, or space exploration they are exposed to works of literature, informational text, and art of the highest quality. Essential topics strategically reoccur, empowering students to deepen understanding of core knowledge across grades K—8.

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    Books, Not Basals

    With v p n download, every text a student touches is authentic and of the highest quality. Students use these texts at every turn — to learn, and eventually master, essential reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. Instead of basals, students read books they love, to build knowledge of important topics and master literacy skills. All students read and communicate about grade-level texts, with suggestions for support included at key moments in lessons. Learn more about Wit & Wisdom's materials and resources by registering for a free Resource Overview webinar. 

    Professional Development

    Great Minds® offers a variety of professional development offerings to help educators better implement and support the knowledge-building Wit & Wisdom® curriculum. The teacher–writers of this highly-rated program design and facilitate each PD session, drawing on their extensive experience with the curricula.


    Great Minds® and Wilson Language Training® collaborated to create a new collection of accessible, knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers. They are Readables™, a unique type of text in which specific decoding strategies are coupled with content and vocabulary knowledge, resulting in wonderfully rich books for budding readers.

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    The Wheatley Portfolio

    The Wheatley Portfolio is a series of curriculum maps for implementing the CCSS in English Language Arts. These materials provide a firm foundation for standards-based instruction, while giving educators the flexibility to determine the way English Language Arts will be taught in the classroom.

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